Bitswift Bundling:


Bitswift transactions are processed by community members on the Bitswift blockchain who have their bundler attribute enabled

Bundlers earn passive revenue through harvesting transaction fees in Bitswift tokens from other users on the blockchain

The bundling process does not require expensive hardware, technical skills, or vast amounts of power to process Bitswift transactions between users

Bundlers submit their blocks to Ardor forgers where transactions are secured into the public ledger

Bundlers facilitate an ecofriendly blockchain design, increasing transactional bandwidth and eliminating bottlenecks such as high gas prices and slow processing times that traditional blockchains suffer from

Bitswift bundler rates are dynamic and can be set based on market prices, or specific to your application requirements.

Anyone can bundle Bitswift transactions, there are no restrictions, so what are you waiting for ? Bundle Bitswift and create positive change!

Proof of Stake

A generation ahead since genesis

Bitswift is a generation ahead utilizing proof of stake consensus mechanism since genesis.

Bitswift transactions are secured into the Ardor parent chain where the data is stored publicly and permanenently by Ardor forgers.

The Ardor platform enables project feasibiltiy options for the Bitswift blockchain and its child applications. 

Scalable, lightweight, secure and stable are all inheritble attributes for your applications.